"The part can never be well unless the whole is well"

Lauren has introduced me to yoga and I love it!  Her method of training stems from a calmness and gentility combined with an excellent knowledge of the human body.  Her individual instruction has improved both my confidence and skill – thank you, Lauren!  

~LouAnn H., 53

I LOVE my personal yoga sessions with Lauren. Even though I am very active, I could never get myself to enjoy a yoga class, until I found Lauren... she opened my eyes to the beauty of stretching, deep breathing, and sweating in a whole different way! She never makes me feel like I am a beginner although she never pushes me further than me or my body are willing to go. Her workouts are catered to the individual, safe, and I always leave feeling successful and RELAXED. I never want my hour to be over! Also, she lets me listen to whatever music I want and I don't feel like I have to "go inside my mind" or "concentrate on my breathing and chi"... that's not my style and she's OK with it. Lauren is not only well educated but she loves what she does and that makes her sessions priceless. If you are looking for a fabulous mind body workout, a moment to yourself, and a great instructor, Lauren will not disappoint.
-Lindsay S., 26

I just recently decided to change my fitness routine, as I was growing bored. I discovered Lauren from a friend that took her class at a local college, and decided to contact her regarding swim workouts. She was very personable and confident she could help me. I was very hesitant at first because I am not a strong swimmer, but it was something that I wanted to excel in. One year later, I not only am still working with Lauren, but have referred many of my friends to her. We all are currently training for a triathlon in a few months. Needless to say, my swimming has improved and workouts never feel tedious.
-Michelle M., 31

The Mommy & Me yoga sessions are so fun! It gives me a chance to get in a workout while still spending time with my newborn!                          -Diana K, 35

I took a few fitness classes from Lauren while attending college in the Bay Area, but upon graduating, I realized how much I missed the classes, personal instruction and attention on my form and progress. I decided to get back in touch with Lauren and she was able to work out a schedule for me that allows me to check in with her weekly. Since I moved out of town, we keep in touch via phone or emails so I can report my progress and she can give me additional workouts to continue my success. I wish I could meet with her 2x a week, but its been very helpful to have Lauren just a phone call away for some advice.
-Taylor  M., 25

You have made me feel healthier and more alive than ever! Thank you so much!
-Jim S., 48


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